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Physical Therapy for Every Body and Everybody

Everybody Physical Therapy Logo
Everybody Physical Therapy Logo
Why Physical Therapy

Why Physical Therapy?

It can help with

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Pain Reduction

Pain can take over your life.  Learn simple techniques and exercises to reduce and eliminate your pain.

Staying Active

Staying active is important! Don't let aches and pains stop you from enjoying an active life.

Injury Recovery

When you realize you are not recovering from an injury in a reasonable amount of time, let us help you figure out why.


Pelvic Health

We are pelvic floor experts and can help with symptoms ranging from pain to incontinence and everything in between.  Visit our Pelvic Floor PT page for more information.

Auto and Work Injuries

Check out our Auto and Work Injuries page for specific information.

Quality of Life

Life is too short.  Sometimes it only takes a few specific exercises to make all the difference.


At Everybody Physical Therapy we understand that no two patients are identical.  Each person we treat brings a unique history, lifestyle, and set of goals to the table.

We can help you return to the lifestyle you desire, whether your goals include resuming sports or managing daily activities without pain.  We can help make your goals a reality.

Everybody Physical Therapy Logo

Why Us?

  • Every visit is you and the physical therapist one-on-one

  • Online scheduling

  • Patient portal for access to your home exercises with video clips!

  • A healing environment that doesn’t feel like a gym

  • A place where you are part of every treatment decision.

  • Free parking!


"I would just be echoing the other positive reviews below so I will keep it succinct. Andrea is fantastic. She took the time to educate me about the problem I was having to really be able to understand the treatment. She was able to resolve my issue in a radically condensed time, leaving me highly impressed and pain free. I highly recommend Everybody PT!"

— Nobu D.


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2455 NW Marshall St., Ste. 8A, Portland OR  97210





Better Health Starts Here

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