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Virtual Visits

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Who would benefit from virtual visits?

Anyone who cannot or prefers not to attend the clinic.  Virtual visits give the same personalized one-on-one care as our in-person visits.

Who can do Virtual PT with our office?

Every profession and state has different laws regarding virtual visits.  We are licensed to treat Oregon and Washington patients.

Oregon:  It matters if you are an Oregon resident.  As long as you are an Oregon resident your location is not important.  You can do a virtual visit while traveling or while temporarily out of state (ie: attending college).  If you are not an Oregon resident you need to be physically located in the state of Oregon during the time of the appointment.

Washington:  Patients need to be physically located in the state of Washington during the time of the appointment.

Does my health insurance cover virtual visits? 

Health plans are now required to cover virtual visits with the same coverage as in-person visits.  

How does it work?

When you set up an appointment make sure to designate that you want the visit to be virtual.  On the date of your appointment you will receive an email invite to join the virtual meeting.  Just follow the instructions in the invite using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera.  You will also be linked to a patient portal that will have the home program from your appointment to access after the appointment.  Most of the assigned exercises will have short video clips with specific instructions.

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