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Auto and Work Injuries

At Everybody Physical Therapy we can aid in quicker recovery from injuries sustained at work or from auto accidents.  This can include a wide range of issues.

Unfortunately, most of us will be in an auto accident or work-related injury at some point in our lives.  Research suggests that receiving physical therapy supports and improves recovery.  We can help decrease your pain and increase your function.  

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Let us help you return to normal function

Physical Therapist stretching patient's low back

Treatment Phases

ACUTE PHASE: focus will be on pain reduction. Treatments will likely include manual therapy, modalities, and gentle exercises as tolerated. Manual therapy techniques can reduce muscle spasms and restore joint mobility. As you move out of the acute phase, the program will focus more on regaining strength and function. INTERMEDIATE PHASE: Regaining strength Strengthening will be both under supervision in the clinic, and participation in an individually tailored home program. Our patient portal will allow you to have access to specific instructions and video clips of every exercise in your program. ADVANCED STRENGTHENING PHASE: Guidance on increasing exercise program and gradual return to normal function and activities. MAINTENANCE PHASE: Once your goals have been met you will receive specific guidance on how to transition into a maintenance program that will help you prevent future injury. At this time, you will be ready to discharge from physical therapy and continue your program independently.

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Why Everybody Physical Therapy?

We are different from the rest! • EVERY visit will be you and your physical therapist working one-on-one • We believe that physical therapy is a team effort. We can give you the tools you need to help you heal your body and prevent chronic pain issues. • Free Parking! • We create a healing environment that doesn't feel like a gym. • Every treatment plan is specific to your needs. • We are committed to help you reach your goals • You will fully participate in all the decisions for your treatment and recovery. • Home exercise programs are designed for you to do in the comfort of your own home with either exercise bands or what you already have at home.

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Call today for a free phone consult with a physical therapist to see if Everybody Physical Therapy is the right fit for you.  (503) 224-1947 

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